II International Scientific and Practical Conference

Welcoming speech

Digital transformation is an important complex process of transformation of all spheres of public life under the influence of advanced technologies. Despite the difficulties of social adaptation, that accompany any large-scale changes, necessary to learn to work with such phenomena as artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, big data, and to derive maximum benefit from it

The education system is the basis of all innovations, therefore the progressive development of the modern economy of Belarus directly depends on the effectiveness of the digitalization processes in the education sector. In these conditions, one of the most important tasks of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus is the promotion of information and communication technologies in the educational process and the improvement of IT education.

II International scientific and practical conference "Digital transformation of education" DTE-2019 will allow Belarusian and foreign specialists to share knowledge and experience in the field of digitalization of education and to study the best practices of education using information and communication technologies. The main goal of DTE-2019 is to specify productive strategies for the integration of Belarusian education into the global innovation process.

Minister of education of the Republic of Belarus
Igor V. Karpenko

Every day the role of digital technologies in education becomes more obvious. The learning process is impossible to imagine without the use of mobile applications, augmented reality and other technological developments. However, is important to understand that the implementation of the latest achievements of science and technology in education is not an end in itself. In matters of digitalization, is important to be guided by the principle of reasonableness and harmoniously combine innovative and traditional principles to form a fully developed personality and training of professionals, capable of taking the country to a new level.

II International scientific and practical conference "Digital transformation of education" DTE-2019 will bring recognized experts in the field of IT and education to discuss the most pressing issues related to the implementation of information and communication technologies in the learning process and education management. DTE-2019 is aimed at creating a space of advanced ideas that will help to build an optimal plan of action for improve the national education system and the competitiveness of Belarusian education at the world level.

Director of the establishment "The Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus"
Pavel A. Lis


Transformation of education system management in the digital age

Prospects of IT education in Belarus. Corporate universities and business schools

EdTech-projects: online learning platforms and educational applications

Belarusian and foreign experience in implementing innovations in the educational process: augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, blockchain

Use of information and communication technologies to expand exports of educational services and the formation of the University 3.0

Digital competencies and professions of the future. Adaptation of educational programs to the digital economy


Pavel Lis

Pavel Lis

Director of the Establishment "The Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus" Why is the Digitalization of Education Stuck?
Andres Ääremaa

Andres Ääremaa

Head of e-Services Department of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research Digital Transformation in Education – the case of Estonia
Dmitry Kochetkov

Dmitry Kochetkov

Customer Consultant at the S&T RSS Department, Elsevier B.V., MBA, external Ph.D. researcher at the Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University. Publication landscape of the Republic of Belarus: digital tools of analysis and development
Sergey Enin

Sergey Enin

Executive Director of the Republican Public Association "Information Society" Effective Education System as a Key Success Factor for Digital Transformation
Maxim Bogatko

Maxim Bogatko

Head of the Information Technology and Information Security Department of the Establishment "The Main Information and Analytical Center of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus" Information security as an integral part of the modern IT-market
Alexander Teplyakov

Alexander Teplyakov

Brand Director of e-services Platform for modern education Znaj.by, entrepreneur, e-Learning Evangelist in Belarus Education + technology = smart people


The rules of taking theses

If you want to take a part in conference, you must fill application form on the website of conference until March 18, 2019.The best articles will be published in the journal "Digital Transformation".

The name of file must have a number of section, surname and initials of first author (example: 4_IvanovPS. docx).

The volume of theses, which you give, must be from 2 to 5 pages. Format of pages must be A4. Please, use the following presentation template for abstracts.

The decision of the program Committee to accept the report for publication will be communicated to your email as applications are processed.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the conference and reports – until 18.03.2019.

The forum of conference will be on March 27th, 2019.

The publishing the electronic version of the conference proceeding will be in April 2019.


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